Workplace Breathalysers Becoming More Sophisticated, Affordable

imageSay goodbye to the martini lunch. Keeping your job might depend on it. That’s because over the last few years, workplace breathalysers have become more affordable and sophisticated, allowing more businesses to have one onsite. Previously, most corporate jobs would require a pre-employment alcohol screening and occasional random alcohol tests. But they were conducted off-site at a testing laboratory where you knew the scheduled day and time and could make plans not to drink in the day or so leading up to the test. But now, employee testing for alcohol use can take place on the spot in the workplace. Technology has changed the alcohol testing field. Portable breathalysers that incorporate internal memory storage, a keypad and a printer within the unit are now affordably priced so more and more workplaces are conducting employee alcohol screenings on the premises. The alcohol breath tests can be done instantly and provide immediate results, so if an employee is suspected of drinking on the job or is known for having a few alcoholic beverages at lunch, employers have the means to back up their suspicions with accurate blood alcohol concentration (BAC) results. Fuel cell technology is giving employers more confidence in performing alcohol testing onsite. Unlike the semi conductor breathalyser that is sensitive to any chemical substance and can result in a false positive reading, a fuel cell breathalyser senses only ethyl alcohol and does not register any other substances with a similar chemical structure to alcohol. With the 99.99% accuracy of fuel cell breathalysers, employers are more comfortable in performing alcohol testing in the workplace. Along with improved science in alcohol detention, the latest advancements in workplace breathalyser design, like the all-in-one unit, make it affordable for any business to invest in a breath test device. This is being seen in a number of industries where the personal safety of others is on the line, such as transportation, hospitals and construction. A > worksite breathalyser means employees can be tested at any time, such as before starting the workday or after meal breaks if the employer suspects drinking. And with all-in-one breathalysers, results can be saved, employee information inputted to link to the results, and alcohol test results printed with information outlining test details and specifications. The results are accurate and detailed enough to hold up as evidence in a court of law. With the advances in workplace breathalyser devices, drinking on the job is no longer something that can be kept from the employer. With employers looking for ways to reduce their liabilities and enhance productivity, an onsite employee alcohol test can quickly and accurately provide your boss with just cause for firing you. Resource Box:
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