Why Drug Testing?

imageYou might be tempted to say that something like drug testing has no place in an office and it should be kept out. But the fact is that companies are experimenting with drug testing because drug and alcohol misuse is ever increasing. A recent survey suggests that 17 percent of the adult population are regular illegal drug users. It is the responsibility (duty of care) of all employers to provide a safe working environment. An employee or contractor on your worksite who is affected by drug use cannot assist in providing a safe workplace. They are a danger to themselves, their work colleagues and others. Statistics suggest employees who are regular drug users are ten times more likely to take sick leave and 33 percent less productive than abstainers. Integrity Sampling is a group of highly qualified technicians who provide a uniform, independent drug and alcohol testing service throughout Australia and New Zealand. Integrity Sampling specialises in the development of workplace drug and alcohol policies, drug and alcohol awareness education programs, independent workplace drug and alcohol testing and a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week call-out service. Integrity Sampling technicians are all proficient in the use of the CozartĀ® drug detect ion systems and the Alcolizer breath analysis equipment. All Integrity Sampling technicians are required to comply with strict policies and procedures, which have been developed in accordance with the highest requirements of Australian Standard 4760 for oral fluid drug testing. Integrity Sampling in the workplace Workplace saliva drug and alcohol testing throughout Australia & New Zealand is conducted independently by accredited technicians from Integrity Sampling using CozartĀ® drug detection systems and Alcolizer breath analysis equipment. Workplace drug and alcohol policies, drug and alcohol awareness and education programs are specialties of Integrity Sampling. Random, causal and incidental drug and alcohol testing is conducted on a 24-hour, seven day a week basis. Drug and alcohol testing within the workplace can be implemented and managed by Integrity Sampling, who is renowned for providing a consistent, reliable and professional approach. To know more about Integrity Sampling and the services offered by them, you can drop by their website at www.integritysampling.com.au
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