Why do I Need a DUI Attorney?

Why do I Need a DUI Attorney?

Each year, as the holiday season rolls around, communities start cracking down on drunk driving. Checkpoints and vigilant law enforcement officers may put you at odds with the law. Even if you only had just a little to drink, you may find your self in an uncomfortable situation. Because of the damage to your reputation, if you find yourself in this situation, you should be asking yourself; why do I need a DUI attorney? Here are some points about drunken driving laws you should keep in mind. Per Se Drunk Driving Laws Every state in the Union has per se limits on when you are considered legally drunk, even if there is no perceivable impairment. Your blood alcohol level cannot exceed .08 in breathalyzer or blood alcohol testing. So, even if you are functioning, you may be above the limit.

DUI checkpoint refusal at illegal Tahoe roadblock

In many cases, the chemical tests used to determine BAC are performed incorrectly and are inaccurate. If you are arrested after submitting to a chemical BAC test and are over the per se limit, you should retain an experienced DUI attorney to help you defend your case. Implied Consent Laws Most states, including Mississippi also have implied consent laws, which you agree to when you obtain a driver’s license in that state. Implied consent means that if you are pulled over and are subject to a chemical BAC test, you have already agreed to submit to the test. Refusing the test at that time usually results in the suspension of your license for at least 90 days. Getting your license back after this type of suspension is frequently difficult if not impossible. An experienced DUI attorney should be able to help get your license back as quickly as possible. Traffic Stops without Cause Law enforcement officers cannot pull you over without justification. There must be a reason to stop you and subject you to a blood alcohol test. Some of the common reasons you may be pulled over include:Making a turn too wide Straddling the center line Weaving Driving too slowly Speeding Driving with your headlights off

There are many other driving behaviors that might give an officer reasonable suspicion of intoxication, most of them rely on the common sense and experience of the officer. In addition to pulling you over for suspicion of drunk driving, you may also be subject to a BAC test secondary to some other sort of traffic stop.

Failure to yield Not using a turn signal Expired plates

Once the officer suspects you may have been drinking, they can request a test. Regardless of the reasons you were stopped, you should hire a lawyer right away to ensure that your rights were not violated during the stop. A DUI arrest has serious consequences and legal representation is imperative. Being arrested for DUI in Mississippi affects your ability to get around and may affect your job. When charged with DUI, a knowledgeable DUI attorney should be retained as soon as possible. Please visit the website of <a href=http://www.centralmslaw.com/>Jackson, Mississippi DUI attorney</a> Mel Coxwell who specializes in this and other areas of law.

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