Where can I buy a Reliable Alcohol Tester?

I’m looking to buy in Australia a reliable Alcohol tester and not the cheap $2 crap that is on eBay oz.

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2 Responses to “Where can I buy a Reliable Alcohol Tester?”

  1. Big Z says on :

    I bought one off Amazon.com for around $50. Honestly it sucks. Your not supposed to use it until 30 minutes after drinking (but honestly who does this). It has to calibrate before you use, and after waiting 5 minutes for it to calibrate, you only have a 35% for it NOT to give an error.

    IMO spend more money on one if you can for a higher quality.

  2. Wormes says on :

    Amiable dispatch on alcohol testers and this enter helped me a lot in my college assignment. Thank you as your information.

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