When Alcohol Testing Devices are not a Joke

imageIf you are playing around with a non-professional <a href=http://www.trimegalabs.co.uk/resources/alcohol-testing-device.php>alcohol testing device</a> and assume you can drive- are you willing to bet your life on what it says? Think again. There is quite a lot of difference between a professional Alcohol Breathalyzer testing device compared to a party breathalyzer. One can purchase a party breathalyzer off of the Internet but it’s likely that the one off the Internet isn’t DOT certified.Professional Alcohol Testing Devices TodayA DOT, Department of Transportation, professional breathalyzer is approved by the United States. It must meet certain criteria to be considered legal and its results must be able to stand up in court.  Professional alcohol testing devices are made of durable materials and come with disposable breathalyzer mouth pieces people blow into. Professional alcohol testing devices like the DOT breathalyzers measure exactly the amount of alcohol that is in your blood through your breath, your blood alcohol content, BAC using advanced semiconductor sensors that are extremely accurate. Professional alcohol testing devices, like a breathalyzer need to be calibrated frequently and should be checked often for consistency. Playing around with a keychain type breathalyzer is fun, but it shouldn’t be your guide telling you whether or not you should get behind a wheel of a car. Would you trust your life against anything less than a professional alcohol testing device?  There are not many alcohol testing devices which results stand up in court. Not all alcohol testing device results are trusted by the U.S. courts. Here Are A Few Alcohol Tests That Will Stand Up In Court:•    BAC, blood alcohol level from a certified, professional Breathalyzer•    Hair alcohol test from a certified hair alcohol testing lab•    Urine alcohol testing results from a certified labAlcohol Tests That Will Not Pass in Court•    Non-certified breathalyzer results•    Hair sample not sent from a lab•    Contaminated urine alcohol test•    Any test from a non-certified hair alcohol devicePlaying around with a toy breathalyzer is fun for sure, but it is exactly that- just a toy. No one should trust their life with the results from any cheap “keychain” model breathalyzer. Even if it looks professional and perhaps the model is used by law enforcement, only certified professionals are allowed to accurately test an individual’s intoxication level. It’s not just how much a person has had to drink, a lot depends on the height, weight and drinking habits of the individual. If the legal limit in your state says .08 percent, that doesn’t mean 0.8 percent is okay for everyone- you could still be certified as drunk even if you are below that percentage. Think smart and don’t over do it. When it comes to legal and certified alcohol testing results, only a few tests really matter. It’s not worth it to test your luck on if the party breathalyzer is right.
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