What is the Best Breathalyzer for personal use?

Looking for a personal, Best Breathalyzer that is not outrageously expensive.

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One Response to “What is the Best Breathalyzer for personal use?”

  1. Presidente says on :

    Well, I am not sure what your definition is for reasonably priced, but if you are going to buy a breathalyzer you are going to need to get one that retails at at least $75 to even be worth it. I have tried many, and all the ones under $50 are inaccurate wastes of money so don’t even bother. There is one right now that is normally $79.99 on sale for $59.99 from Breathalyzer.net, a reliable source for breathalyzers. They have better ones that are all on sale too, but this is probably the lowest grade and priced one even worth buying:


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