Ways that might assist you to lower your BAC and avoid a DUI

How to lower your BAC – Blood Alcohol Concentration

We have all walked down the path that we have one drink too many during unexpected events. While some of us have the benefit of having a designated driver or is staying in the comforts of their own homes after drinking, others are faced with the challenging task of having to get home on their own. If you are wise enough, you would leave your car in a safe place and just take a cab home. However, for some individuals, this is not an option.

We have all been told that drinking and driving should never be done. This is due to a number of obvious reasons. The most important factor of all is the thought of personal safety and those of passersby. When your Blood Alcohol Concentration is higher than the legal limit, there is a big possibility that your motor and mental skills become impaired. This will pose as a safety hazard to yourself and to those around you – people, animals and property alike. For some people who are confident enough that they will not be able to create any form of casualty, they fear something else. This is the possibility of a DUI charge after failing a Alcohol Breathalyzer test as administered by traffic officers.

There are a number of ways to be able to spare yourself from the possibility of failing a breath alcohol test. Some individuals who are constantly subjected to this kind of lifestyle opt to get themselves a portable breathalyzer or even a keychain breathalyzer. This will give them the benefit of knowing their limits even before they get behind the wheel. While this can give you the benefit of knowing that you are in a safe and legal level, you can also use this as a form of comparison in the event that the officer’s digital alcohol tester reads differently. In a sense, this is one of the best options or decisions that you can make to ensure personal security.

If you are not so crazy about the idea of getting a portable breathalyzer, you can always find ways to make help lower your BAC levels during a test conducted by an officer. Some individuals would tend to vomit their stomach out by simply knowing that these officers would need to follow protocol where they would need to wait for at least fifteen whole minutes before administering another test. Some individuals believe that their lung-power can save them from failing a test. This is the kind of technique where they inhale during a test rather than exhaling on the Alcohol tester. However, this is not always a foolproof plan as not everyone has the ability to hold their breathes casually – especially when under the influence of alcohol.

The best possible way to reduce your Blood Alcohol Concentration is by giving yourself some time to metabolize and expel the alcohol from your system. While the best and most advisable way is to let yourself sober up before driving there are a number of techniques that can help you buy the time you need. One simple example is to tell the officers that you would wish to have your lawyer present during the test. This is part of your rights as a person and as a citizen. The time it takes for your lawyer to get to the scene may be enough for your body to lower its BAC levels naturally.

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Quick and easy tips to help lower your BAC

Dui Breathalyzer

Drink gradually and steady.

Your liver will only process so much alcohol at one time, so if you swallow speedily you will elevate your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels. A good number people can process about 1 drink per hour.

Eat a large, starchy meal before you drink.

The food in your stomach will take up some of the alcohol, slowing the rate at which it is absorbed. Keep on snacking on bread, crackers, fruits or additional starchy foods during the night. This can help slow the absorption of alcohol along with maintain blood sugar levels up, which may stop you from suffering hangovers.

Consume plenty of water.

Although the liver processes the best part of alcohol in your body, the kidneys also process approximately 5 percent. Drinking enough water can help the kidneys clean your blood more effectively and inhibit dehydration.

Take a break and have a rest.

After drinking, have a glass of water as well as try to get some rest. You will wake up at least partially recovered from the alcohol.

Check out our page How to Beat a DUI!

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