Uncovering The Myths Surrounding Drug And Alcohol Testing

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imageThere are myths surrounding every type of drug and alcohol testing available. Aside from the alcohol hair testing or drug follicle hair testing, urine and breathalyzer tests abound with ways people think they can fool the results.  Let’s see if you’ve heard of any of these myths. Sucking on Pennies lowers your blood alcohol level False.  Eating or sucking on nickels, mints, garlic, peanuts, curry powder or vitamin C tablets won’t do the trick either.  It seems this myth is one that many people talk about but never have personally tried. Do you know someone to have tried this and said from personal experience that is hasn’t worked? There is no scientific basis for this claim and no chemical reaction takes place to change BAC results when you suck on a penny,Alcohol on the breath is a reliable sign of alcohol consumption False. If you were at a party and consumed a non-alcoholic beer your breath would actually smell the same as your friend’s who drank an alcoholic beer. Further, you could be considered intoxicated even if you have been drinking alcohol free drinks. The reason for this is because the body produces its own supply of alcohol naturally on a daily basis. We all have it in our bodies naturally and some people simply produce enough to become intoxicated.Poppy-seed muffins can alter drug testing results Well, this is actually true. However, while the opiates from a poppy seed muffin may show up just a few hours later in a urine analysis, hair analysis can distinguish between opiate use and regular poppy seed ingestion. Plus, the federal detection limits have been raised and are beyond the range of a muffin or two. You’d have to consume a lot more than two muffins a day for this to seriously alter any drug tests. You can stop using drugs a few days before the test and still pass    There are many discrepancies out there over how many days or weeks it would take to fully get a drug out of the system. Chances are if you drink a lot of water in the hopes of getting drugs out of your system your test will come back diluted and you’ll need to take it again. It’s just not worth it! Plus, if you are involved in a random drug pool you will not know when your name will be pulled out of the hat for your next drug test. That’s the point. Instead of taking the risk, just stay off drugs. It’s a safe and easy way to pass the test. There are many more myths, rumors and stories surrounding how to pass drug and alcohol tests. However, researchers and scientists are developing tests that are becoming more and more sophisticated thus eliminating error and the ability of human intervention in the results. Most of these myths or rumors we’ve heard but probably none of us have tested them to see if they are true – well, I’m sure myth busters has checked out a few of these, but none of my friends have. Before staking anything on a rumor look into the facts and scientific evidence surrounding it to determine where the truth really lies. Drug and alcohol testing are a common practice in many workplaces – be ready to pass your next test.

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