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Alcohol Breathalyzer Reviews

Posted on May 19th, 2010 by Dario  |  No Comments »

Find good Alcohol Breathalyzer reviews that are unbiased can be a challenge, as most reviews can be a bit one sided. I find that a lot of the reviewers are only interested in you buying the item off them so that they make a commission.

When your looking to a buy a digital alcohol tester or any product online, check out as many reviews from different sources. Start with the manufacture of the unit, then find an independent (preferably not affiliated) breathalyzer.

Another great information source is to see if the item is on, look at if there are any customer reviews on the unit. After gathering as much information about the alcohol detector your interested in, this should hopeful give you enough to go on to make a well informed choice.

Some of the best brands of personal breathalyzers on the market at this stage are: AccuBAC, Alcohawk, AlcoMate, AlcoScan, BACtrack, Breathkey, LifeGaurd and SafeDrive.
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LifeGuard Alcohol Breathalyzer Review
The LIfeGuard Personal Breathalyzer takes on all the cheap breathalyzers and comes up the most accurate. Common breathalyzer myths dispelled. Explanation of what makes a quality breathalyzer that you can trust.

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