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Alcohol Breathalyzer Test

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The Alcohol Breathalyzer test has evolved of the years, for when you pulled over by the police and asked to blow into the bag to today you are tested with a digital alcohol tester.

The old style bag with a tube that had a chemical mix that show whether you had a high blood alcohol level, has been left for dead. You can still buy tube style breath tester, called the single shot.

The way the single shot is used:

Wait 15 minutes after last alcoholic drink, if you cannot wait, rinse your mouth with water before taking the test. This removes the alcohol vapors in your mouth that could cause a false positive result.

Squeeze the middle of the Tester between thumb and forefinger to break inner glass tube. SQUEEZE ONLY ONCE, DO NOT CRUSH OR BEND TUBE. Use the Tester immediately.

Subject should hold Tester vertically so arrows on “BLOW” end are pointing down. Subject should then BLOW/EXHALE very hard into tube, in one continuous breath, for 12 seconds. Shake the Tester side-to-side to distribute the crystals evenly in Tester window. Lay Tester on flat surface and WAIT 2 MINUTES.

Positive Results: Most of crystals are a light AQUA (GREEN/BLUE,BLUE/GREEN) cast. This shows that the breath alcohol is at or above the level printed on the Tester.
Negative Results: Most of the crystals, are light YELLOW. This shows that the breath alcohol is below the level printed on the Tester.

The YELLOW does not have to match the unused Tester. It may be much lighter or paler YELLOW than an unused Tester.

• The color change may be difficult to see under certain lighting. For best results, read under lighting such as incandescent, fluorescent, or indirect sunlight. A flashlight with an incandescent bulb can be used to help read the result. Hold the flashlight to the side so that the light does not fall directly on the Tester.
• Compare results to an unused Tester or to the YELLOW box. If most of the crystals are not GREEN or BLUE (under the suggested lighting), then the result is negative.
• Tester results may not be reliable if testing is not conducted according to these instructions.

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