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Alcohol Breathalyzer Levels

Posted on May 11th, 2010 by Dario  |  1 Comment »

Will you see Alcohol Breathalyzer Levels on a LED or a Digital Alcohol Tester

Alcohol Breathalyzer levels can vary from the different types and styles of digital alcohol testers on the market today. If you buy a five dollar unit and expect it to be as good as two hundred dollar device, you may be in for a difference in the blood alcohol content readings.

Breathalyzers measure your BLOOD alcohol content, when you exhale through your trachea, so if you are using a unit that has only LED lights on it you will not know what your alcohol level is. To get a precise alcohol level reading you would be best to use a law enforcement unit or a high quality personal digital breath tester.

LED Alcohol Tester

Digital Alcohol Breathalyzer

Corporate Breathalyser Breathalyzer Alcohol Breath Tester Andatech Zenith AL7000C Perfect for personal, industrial use and employee breath alcohol screening. Now with the capability of a USB plug in to down load BAC readings to your computer and other information makes it ideal for keeping track of employee history and referencing. Having a replaceable breathalyser sensor module enables the unit to be reading accurately again within seconds, even in the middle of a mine, construction zone or factory. The Andatech Zenith takes personal accountability to a new level.

Advanced Version Anti-Drink Driving Device

In Hong Kong and around the world, numerous road accidents are caused by drink driving, leading to many minor and serious casualties and deaths. Currently in most cities, drivers are breathalyzed only after an accident or a driving offence. However, this would often come too late in preventing accidents at the first place. This research is to confer and design an Advanced Version Anti-drink Driving Device (AVADD) to effectively prevent drink driving. The research proceeded according to the design process. After the tests, we analyzed the merits and the weaknesses of the products available in the market. We designed and made a competitive finished product. AVADD will be a sophisticated and unique device. It consists of three components, a breathalyzer, a body sensor and an air-extracting device. By fitting a breathalyzer to the ignition system, the ignition will be automatically locked and vehicle cannot be started if the driver has a breath alcohol concentration above a pre-set safety level. The sensor is installed on the steering wheel to ensure drivers grip the wheel instead of holding other devices, such as air plumps that may possibly cheat the system. The air-extracting apparatus is an independent testing device which constantly checks the alcohol vapour concentration level inside the vehicle to avoid others starting the cars. If it detects a high concentration level, it will set off an indicator to alert other drivers and the police. The effectiveness of AVADD is

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