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Alcohol Breath Testing

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Most alcohol breath testing these days is done by traffic officers when you’re pulled up for a random breath test. Usually a driver is tested for alcohol impairment at the roadside with a digital alcohol tester. If you return a positive result (above the legal limit in your state), when you will be taken for breath tested at the police station.

There are a few options to avoid been pulled over for a DUI, just don’t drive until the alcohol is out of your system – wait a minimum of 5 hours. Test yourself with a personal Alcohol tester and other way if available in your area is to check out if there are any companies that offer an alcohol breath testing service.

Random Alcohol Breath Testing

Random Alcohol breath testing video of my bus going through a breath testing checkpoint. (That’s a liquor store we pass at the beginning!) I don’t think they bothered breathalyzing the bus driver in this instance, though they did on a previous occasion.

Alcohol Breath Testing Reading on the Net

Alcohol Breath Testing – Can I Get A Lawyer, Please!

2. He smelled alcohol on your breath. These two facts are why he charged you. If you were in the legal limit by blood and breath testing you should be alright. Sobriety tests are not the ‘end-all be-all’ of DUI admissibility.

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Alcohol Breath Testing – Legal Penalties Imposed on Drunken Drivers

In all 50 states of the US, it is a legal offence to be driving under the influence of alcohol. So, if an officer suspects you have been drinking, you are required to comply with a breath analyzer test or a blood test. …

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