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Digital Alcohol Breath Tester – Better to Be Safe Than DUI

Posted on August 6th, 2010 by Dario  |  No Comments »

imageWe’ve all been there before. Red and blue lights flashing in the rearview mirror, those sinking feelings in you’re stomach. Now imagine that same situation but you’re just coming from a friend’s house where you had a couple drinks before hitting the road. Imagine the same sinking feeling in your stomach not because you may be getting a speeding ticket but because you might be spending the night in jail and later loosing your driving privilege. If you had a digital alcohol breath tester on hand after you had a few drinks you could have easily and conveniently measured your blood alcohol content to be certain it was safe and legal for you to get behind the wheel. You are really taking a gamble on those occasions when you think you’re okay to drive but yoe’re not certain if you’re under the legal blood alcohol content. Gone are the days when digital alcohol breath testers were those clunky contraptions that you see police officers using to screen traffic offenders. Technology has come a long way, so that now you can discretely carry a small breathalyzer device in a purse or even carry one as a key chain. Don’t let price or name brand recognition be the deciding factor on whether or not to purchase a specific device or to purchase one at all. Many breath analyzers pass strict consumer scrutiny and receive positive reviews while still remaining reliable, durable, and affordable. With a small investment of time, you can do some quick research and narrow your search down to the right device to meet your pricing and design specifications. Here are a few characteristics to consider when shopping for a digital alcohol breath tester. Think about whether or not your device will be for your own personal use or if you are planning to test other people as well. If you won’t be the only person using the device, then you may need a slightly larger handheld model that accommodates for disposable mouthpieces. Some devices don’t even require physical contact with the collection point to get a good reading, but be careful about the accuracy of these models. Other characteristics to consider are whether or not you want an actual numerical reading or just as simple red-light, yellow-light, green-light system to tell you when your blood alcohol content is at a safe level to drive. Also, consider the more accurate “fuel-cell” based breathalyzers versus the older semi-conductor based models. Both will give good readings with proper use, but the semi-conductor based breathalyzers are more prone to giving false-positive readings – telling you that you’re good to drive when in actuality you may not be. Having a responsible mind set is the first step in ensuring you don’t drive while under the influence of alcohol. Action is also a key component of safety. Take action and get yourself a reliable digital alcohol breath tester to keep yourself safe from being arrested for DUI and putting other people’s lives at risk.

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