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Blood Alcohol Analyzer or Breathalyzer

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The most popular Blood Alcohol Analyzer is more commonly know as the Breathalyzer. The breathalyzer measures the concentration of alcohol in the lungs, which is directly proportional to the concentration of alcohol in the blood.

When you consume alcohol it shows up in the breath, after it is absorbed from stomach and intestines then enters into the bloodstream. Alcohol does not get digested upon absorption and arrives in the bloodstream chemically unchanged.

Ex-cop uses blood alcohol analyzer – breathalyzer vending business to save lives.

A former Colorado cop helps to save lives in his community of Lubbock Texas with coin-operated talking breathalyzers. Having arrested hundreds of drivers for DUI in Colorado, the former state patrolman now stops drunk drivers before they get behind the wheel and makes money at the same time with an all cash business. Installed in bars and other places that serve alcohol, these “Alcohol Alert” machines give bar patrons a way to test themselves for blood alcohol level so they don’t risk a drunk driving arrest or injuring someone.

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