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AlcoHawk Digital Alcohol Detector

Posted on December 5th, 2010 by Dario  |  No Comments »

The AlcoHawk Digital Alcohol Detector checks your breath for alcohol, and gives you a B.A.C. (blood alcohol content) reading in seconds. AlcoHawk is simple to use and read, just blow into the mouthpiece for five seconds and the digital display will provide you with a reading. The slim device fits easily in your pocket or purse. Single button operation. Includes three replaceable mouthpiece covers for multiple users. Uses two AA batteries (not normally included).

IMPORTANT: This device is a breath alcohol tester designed to test for the presence of alcohol in the subject’s blood. Estimates and results may vary. This product cannot determine the subject’s exact blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and should not be used for such purposes.

Its best to always read the enclosed instructions first to ensure proper use, accuracy limitations and calibration requirements. It is very important to have the instrument calibrated as recommended in the instructions. Failure to do so may result in inaccurate readings. Do not rely upon results to determine level of intoxication or your ability to safely operate motor vehicles or heavy machinery.

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