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Portable DUI Breathalyzer Aimed at Reducing Drunk Driving

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imageAnda Tech, the leader in detection of alcohol DUI breathalyzers that pioneer of the consumer market for breath alcohol testers, introduces an affordable portable breath test aimed at reducing binge drinking and drunk driving incidents.
The Anda Tech AL6000 Pro provides an accurate breath test each time. It is the first hand-held personal semiconductor breathalyzer test to undergo rigorous testing for quality and accuracy and the Australian Standard AS3547 certification to earn. The alcohol testing device also has FDA, CE and DOT approval for personal, workplace and law enforcement use.
De Anda Tech AL6000 Pro is recognized as the highest accuracy, ensuring a BAC 99.99% accuracy. The battery powered portable device has a response time of five seconds, one of the fastest in the industry.
With its lightweight design, Anda Tech AL6000 Pro can easily fit into a purse, glove box or bag, making it conducive to join a social institution. It is also easy to use by inserting a nozzle into the personal breath test and blew into the opening until the unit stops beeping. The BAC reading is displayed within seconds. The Anda Tech AL6000 Pro is built with a bright LED display for easy reading in all lighting conditions, including dusky places or night hours.
Priced below $ 200, the Anda Tech AL6000 Pro is the world’s first and only DUI breathalyzer test with two test modes. The normal mode Alcohol Tester measures alcohol concentration in the blood, while the detector mode can be shared between more than one person to the presence of alcohol testing. This unique feature is especially useful during a night out among a group of friends to determine who is able to drive safely.
With responsible drinking in the view of everyone, the Anda Tech AL6000 Pro is designed to save lives by preventing drunk driving accidents and reducing the dangers of social drinking. Headquartered in Australia, Anda Tech is the leader in personal and professional blow pipe distribution.

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Digital Breathalyser

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Some personal digital breathalyser sold that are available in the market, should have the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval. Basically meaning the FDA has tested the unit and also it does what it says it will do as per the unit’s manual. Other approvals that confirm of the fact that accuracy levels reported from the breathalyzer manufacturer are in keeping with their findings include NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations), DOT (Department of Transportation) and U S Coast Guard.

You should also pay attention to imitation breathalysers which might be sold on the internet. A number of these breathalyzers have an inexpensive Chinese knock off sensor, which does just trigger a set of LED lights to flash. It will be advisable for you to purchase a digital alcohol tester that costs at least over $50, as most of the LED light models provide no digital readout results.

Professional Digital Breathalyser with Australian Standard Andatech AL6000Pro

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