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BAC Test Results

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Human blood magnified 600 times
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BAC test results can vary depending on what way you are tested. There are a few ways which a BAC test can be conducted. First the most common way is to be breath tested by a breathalyzer. The next way is to be tested though a urine sample, then via a sampling of your blood.

While a breath test by digital alcohol tester and urine tests will give an estimate on blood alcohol concentration (BAC), a blood test is generally the most reliable way to get an accurate result. Once alcohol enters into your body to the stomach, it is absorbed into the blood stream after it was passed to small intestines. From your blood the alcohol chemicals are filter out by your kidneys and secreted as urine. Then the excess is passed back out though your lungs and expelled via your breath. The blood test will give the most accurate blood alcohol content test result.

News anchor Tolly Carr’s BAC Test Results of .13!

The official blood alcohol concentration “BAC test results” for news anchor Tolly Carr were released to the public. Carr’s result was .13 FOUR hours after the accident. The legal limit is .08 Tolly Carr had refused a breathalyzer test at the scene and warrants had to be issued to retrieve samples of Carr’s blood. Prosecutors will have experts extrapolate this result to determine the estimated alcohol content at the time Casey Bokhoven was killed. It is expected to be higher than the official result. Tolly Carr was in court today, dressed in jail attire of an orange jumpsuit. His wrists were cuffed and his ankles shackled. His supporters were there. The family of victim Casey Bokhoven was apparently not notified that Carr would actually attend the morning hearing in person.Casey Bokhoven, age 26, was violently struck and killed by a pickup truck as he stood on a sidewalk waiting for his girlfriend. The truck, driven by WXII (Winston-Salem, NC) morning anchor Tolly Carr,vaulted over a small wall and hit Casey at 30 mph, dragging him 22 feet, hitting a building and coming to rest with Casey under the wheel. The incident occurred Sunday, March 11, 2007 around 3:40 AM. Charged with DWI, Carr admitted he had been drinking and warrants detail that he refused a Breathalyzer test.

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DUI in the Detroit Area – How the BAC test results

At the conclusion of the breath testing, the machine prints out a form and the person tested receives a copy. That copy is usually pink and looks like a big store receipt. It list details of the test, and the results are titled “BAC….

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