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Alcohol Breathalyzer Accuracy

Posted on May 16th, 2010 by Dario  |  3 Comments »

What’s the Alcohol Breathalyzer accuracy for personal use?

The accuracy of a personal breath tester will depend of what the manufacture has stated in the instruction manual or technical guide. Some of the factors that may affect the accuracy of a unit are: whether the unit has been calibrated or needs regular calibrating, check the manufacture for how often. Does the alcohol analyzer run on batteries? If the batteries are low if may give you and inaccurate reading.

Some of the cheaper breathalyzers cannot distinguish between ethyl alcohol and the chemical compounds that are similar like; gasoline, ketones and acetone. If there are any of these compounds in your metabolic system, it may increase the reading on your personal digital alcohol tester.

Most personal alcohol testers don’t have the same range of accuracy when compared to a professional breathalyzer or the hand-held law enforcement models.

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