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Ensure Personal Alcohol Tester

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The Ensure personal Alcohol tester has a unique flip out mouthpiece at the top and an easy to view bar display. It allows you to test your own breath or blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in seconds.

The Ensure alcohol detector uses the very same advanced semi-conductor sensor, that is use by some of the portable police breathalyzers. You will be able to conduct hundreds of alcohol breath tests on yourself, friends and family so you can be informed where your or their blood alcohol level is at.

Personal Alcohol tester news

Use a Personal Alcohol tester And Escape Legal Harassments Due To Drunken …

Modern alcohol testing methods are fast, quick and can be easily applied. Their various types are meant for varied consumers. The most common alcohol tester is the breath analyzer. It measures alcohol content in the blood in breath samples. … Alcohol breath analyzer is proven to be an efficient and dependable device. Personal breathalyzers enable common man to measure his level of intoxication. They come in attractive designs and are portable.


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Alcohol Tester Strips

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Alcohol tester strips or one step alcohol saliva test strip are a quick way to check your BAC. They are a disposable stick that looks like a urine test stick. They come in a sealed pack up to 25 strips or are available in a box or carton for bulk purchases.

Before using you should wait about 15 minutes and abstain from placing anything in the mouth. Remove one strip from the packet and place the reactive pad on the end of the strip in your mouth. Saliva is secreted from under your tongue, which would saturate the pad better. Once covered with saliva hold and wait for about 4 minutes to see what color the strip is and check with the instructions on the result of the test.

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