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Breathalyzer Scale

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Breathalyzer Scale – Standard Measurement for BAC

Breathalyzer is a tool or device that is used to measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) of a person. The person would need to blow on the mouthpiece of the device and after a short while (usually seconds), the breathalyzer will provide the BAC result in percentage. Previously, breathalyzer is the brand name of such alcohol tester but later on, it has been used to name such kinds of devices regardless of the manufacturer. Today, breathalyzer scale is being used by the police in the observance of DUI laws. It is also used by health care institutions, schools, and other establishment for security purposes.

Breathalyzer Scale Image
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Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

Basically, BAC measures the alcohol content in the human body through the blood. When a person drinks alcohol, it goes through the throat then into the stomach and intestines. After that, the toxin goes straight into the bloodstream. As the blood is carried to all parts of the body like in the lungs, a parcel of the alcohol stays across the lung membranes. When the person breathes, it evaporates and goes out through exhalation. Breathalyzers make use of semi-conductor, platinum, or cell fuel sensors to measure the BAC of the suspect.

The reading in a breathalyzer scale is shown through a numerical reference in percentage such as 0.20%. This means that 20 percent of the person under check-up is intoxicated with alcohol. In many states, allowable BAC is only until 0.08%. Exceeding this level is already a violation of the DUI laws. It is insignificant to measure the intoxication rate of a person based on how much drinks he consumed. The reason for that is alcohol tolerance and physiology of a people varies. That means this person can drink 10 glasses of beer without getting drunk and but that person only takes 3 glasses and he gets smashed already. Nonetheless, according to studies, drinking 2 regular drinks increase the person’s BAC by 0.05% (but of course, this can be affected by the gender, weight, body type, and overall physic of a person).

Using breathalyzers, authority can easily identify those who are getting detrimental to public safety by wandering or driving drunk. This in turn, reduces rates of accidents such as car crash and delinquencies.

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Drive Safety Digital Alcohol Tester

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The drive safety digital alcohol tester is a quality is a simple to use personal breathalyzer. It has a convenient slim design for you to analysis Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) at anytime and anywhere.

The drive safety has a detection range of: 0.00~0.19% BAC & 0.0~1.9g/l, is quick to response with a reading. It also has a 1minute approx. auto power off, and the operating time warm up time is about 10 second with a 5 second response when testing g your BAC. Quite compact at 95 x 36 x 18 mm in size and is powered by 2 – 1.5volt AAA alkaline batteries, but not usually included.

Click here to find great deals on the Drive Safety Digital Alcohol Tester!

Digital Alcohol Breath Tester Review

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When looking for a digital alcohol breath tester review you need to look at all the aspects of the breathalyzer in question. How much does it cost, is it easy to use, does it need ongoing maintenance e.g. calibrating, does it come with a manual, and so on.

You can check out our Breathalyzer Types page to assist you on what style of Alcohol tester you are looking for. Also have a read of our Breathalyzer Review page, which will give you an insight to some of the popular digital alcohol testers on the market today!

Digital Alcohol Breath Tester Review Part 1

This is Part 1 of the BreathKey Digital Breath Alcohol Tester review the TechwareLabs staff put together. Enjoy!

Digital Alcohol Breath Tester Review Part 2

This is Part 2 of the BreathKey Digital Breath Alcohol Tester review the TechwareLabs staff put together. Enjoy!

Best Breathalyzer for the Money

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One of the most asked question that has been search for on our site is: what is the Best Breathalyzer for the money? With so many choices of Alcohol testers for personal use has increased this has made picking a digital alcohol tester more difficult for the consumer.

Here are a few things to look at when look for the Best Breathalyzer for your money.

It must be highly accurate, is reliable at breath testing on a regular basis, excellent value for money (price range that you might look at $50.00 to $150.00), should include a least a 1 year warranty, clip in clip out changeable sensor module (the alcohol detector does not need to be to the manufacturer for servicing you simply order a new sensor which is simple to install) comes with battery, user manual, mouth pieces or any other accessories that you do not have to order separately and have a CE RoHs Certified or FDA approval.

Below is the Alcoscent Digital Breathalyzer DA-5000 by Alcoscent at Amazon that comes close to all the above points, as an example of what to look for in a personal breathalyzer.

Alcohol Breathalyzer Chart to Estimate your BAC

Posted on May 14th, 2010 by Dario  |  4 Comments »

The Alcohol Breathalyzer chart or blood alcohol level estimation charts for men and women below are only a guide to how much blood alcohol concentration could be in your system.

The best way to check and get a more accurate Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is with a professional digital alcohol tester. The charts will give you a bit of a guide, but there other lots of other factors to consider. Things you would need to consider are: your height and/or weight, gender, physical fitness, if you have eaten, are you tried, are you on any medication and what is the percentage of alcohol is in your drink (s).

Alcohol Breathalyzer Chart Men Image

Alcohol Breathalyzer Chart Women Image

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