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Breathalyzer Scale

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Breathalyzer Scale – Standard Measurement for BAC

Breathalyzer is a tool or device that is used to measure the blood alcohol content (BAC) of a person. The person would need to blow on the mouthpiece of the device and after a short while (usually seconds), the breathalyzer will provide the BAC result in percentage. Previously, breathalyzer is the brand name of such alcohol tester but later on, it has been used to name such kinds of devices regardless of the manufacturer. Today, breathalyzer scale is being used by the police in the observance of DUI laws. It is also used by health care institutions, schools, and other establishment for security purposes.

Breathalyzer Scale Image
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Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

Basically, BAC measures the alcohol content in the human body through the blood. When a person drinks alcohol, it goes through the throat then into the stomach and intestines. After that, the toxin goes straight into the bloodstream. As the blood is carried to all parts of the body like in the lungs, a parcel of the alcohol stays across the lung membranes. When the person breathes, it evaporates and goes out through exhalation. Breathalyzers make use of semi-conductor, platinum, or cell fuel sensors to measure the BAC of the suspect.

The reading in a breathalyzer scale is shown through a numerical reference in percentage such as 0.20%. This means that 20 percent of the person under check-up is intoxicated with alcohol. In many states, allowable BAC is only until 0.08%. Exceeding this level is already a violation of the DUI laws. It is insignificant to measure the intoxication rate of a person based on how much drinks he consumed. The reason for that is alcohol tolerance and physiology of a people varies. That means this person can drink 10 glasses of beer without getting drunk and but that person only takes 3 glasses and he gets smashed already. Nonetheless, according to studies, drinking 2 regular drinks increase the person’s BAC by 0.05% (but of course, this can be affected by the gender, weight, body type, and overall physic of a person).

Using breathalyzers, authority can easily identify those who are getting detrimental to public safety by wandering or driving drunk. This in turn, reduces rates of accidents such as car crash and delinquencies.

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Protocol Breathalyzer Keychain Manual

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Video – Protocol Breathalyzer Keychain Manual

If your like me when I but a new gadget like the Keychain Breathalyzer, it doesn’t take long before I lose or misplace the dam instructions! I stumbled across this video by Dan at VideoYug which will give you an idea on how to use this type of Alcohol detector.

The Alcohol Breathalyzer that Dan show is not the Protocol, but is almost identical to it. Hope this helps you out and do your best to keep any type of manual where you can find easily.

VideoYug – Personal Breathalyzer Keychain

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Protocol Breathalyzer Keychain Review

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Protocol Breathalyzer Keychain Review video by amishcar is an interesting insight on this Alcohol tester. He also loves drinking Cave Creek Chili Beer, one of his favorites!

Protocol Alcohol Breath Checker – Blood Alcohol Detector Review – Breathalyzer
Saw this at Best Buy as I was walking to the check out & figured for 10 bucks it’s a cool device to test out & have since i do drink sometimes away from home & would love to be sure i wasn’t over the legal limit aka don’t want a DUI.

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How to use Protocol Breathalyzer Keychain

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Here is how to use protocol breathalyzer keychain.

First you hold down the button on top to power it up, the green LED with ready next to it will eventually light up. Then a yellow as well as the red LED’s will illuminate and after they turn off the green LED should return on.

You are now able to blow into the slots along the front of the unit. Blow for at least a few seconds and then the LED (s) will illuminate together with an estimate reading.

If the blood alcohol concentration is low the green LED will light up (lower than .05%), if it’s yellow borderline (.05% to .08%), and if it goes on red LED, your are legally intoxicated (greater than .08%), avoid driving.

Drive Safety Digital Alcohol Tester

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The drive safety digital alcohol tester is a quality is a simple to use personal breathalyzer. It has a convenient slim design for you to analysis Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) at anytime and anywhere.

The drive safety has a detection range of: 0.00~0.19% BAC & 0.0~1.9g/l, is quick to response with a reading. It also has a 1minute approx. auto power off, and the operating time warm up time is about 10 second with a 5 second response when testing g your BAC. Quite compact at 95 x 36 x 18 mm in size and is powered by 2 – 1.5volt AAA alkaline batteries, but not usually included.

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