Sad DUI Story

imageHe had been to a company party and had a bit too much to drink, when it was time to leave the party, he knew that he had consumed a lot of alcohol but he was sure that the short 15-minute drive home would be just fine. So, rather than calling a cab, he got behind the wheel of his car and began driving home. As with most people who drink and drive, his judgment was impaired and in just a matter of minutes, he had smashed into a parked car. Fortunately, no one was in the car when it happened, but the consequences and the damage to his life were irreversible. When the police stopped him his blood alcohol level was 0.1, way over the legal limit of .08 and so after being arrested, and admitting his guilt, he was soon sentenced for his crime, only to discover that things were going to be far worse than he expected. Not only did he have to serve weekend time for his DUI conviction, but also in addition, his job was in jeopardy and his license was suspended for a year.  While the young man above was basically an upstanding citizen, he like so many people who drink and drive, just didn’t realize how dangerous it could be. Now in just a matter of moments, he was faced with the humiliation of having a record and losing his job as well as his license, all because he used poor judgment when getting behind the wheel of his car after drinking. Each and every day, this same type of event happens to thousands of people who without thinking put their lives and the lives of others in jeopardy. Not only can life become a mess when drinking and driving, but also the emotional, physical and financial damage caused by one experience of drinking and driving is staggering. A DUI not only impacts on the life of the person who was drinking and driving, but it has repercussions that affect the lives of all those who rely on the person who committed the DUI. Besides the threat of jail time, loss of a driver’s license and possibly all driving privileges, other consequences include a huge increase in insurance if not cancellation, high fines, potential loss of a job and the embarrassment of a record. No matter how much you may think that having one or two drinks before driving is okay, if you have an accident and are charged with a DUI or DWI, the consequences are going to be very severe. The risks are far too great and the damage you can do to your life is simply not worth it. A DUI conviction may disappear after a few years, but a DUI criminal record will stay on your record forever. If you plan on drinking, call a taxi or get a ride when you get ready to leave a party because drinking and driving simply don’t mix.
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