Protocol Breathalyzer Keychain Youtube

Below is two videos on the Protocol Breathalyzer Keychain that have been uploaded to Youtube. Both give you a review on what they think and how good or bad this type of Keyring Breathalyzer is.

Like what most gadgets these days it is always good the get a review on the product first. Personally I like to check out at least two to three different reviews on anything, before I send my cash.

Protocol Breathalyzer Keychain Youtube video 1

We have reviewed the Protocol Breathalyzer Keychain. It does not work good at all and gives a lot of false reads. Hold button for 30 seconds and it’s suppose to initialize. Never does and it was a complete failure.


Protocol Breathalyzer Keychain Video No. 2 from Youtube

Protocol Alcohol Breath Checker – Blood Alcohol Detector Review – Breathalyzer>

Saw this at Best Buy as i was walking to the check out & figured for 10 bucks it’s a cool device to test out & have since i do drink sometimes away from home & would love to be sure i wasn’t over the legal limit aka don’t want a DUI.

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