Protocol Breathalyzer How to use it

Protocol Breathalyzer – How to use it!

Initial you push down the button on upper part of the unit to power it up. That’s when the green LED should light up, to let you know it is almost ready. Then a yellow as well as the red LED’s will illuminate and after they turn off, it should go back to the green LED and it should be ready now to go.

Now you’re ready to do a test by blowing into the slots along the front of the Keychain Breathalyzer. Blow continually for at a few of seconds, than after which the LED (s) will glow to give you an estimate reading.

If your BAC is low the green LED will glow. Which means that you have a lower than .05%, if LED is yellow, you are borderline (.05% to .08%), and if the red LED comes on, there’s a good change your intoxicated (more than .08%), Please don’t drive!

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