Professional Breathalyser Alcohol Breathalyzer with Australian Standard Andatech AL6000Pro Andatech AL6000 Pro has been tested and certified to Australian Standard AS3547 as a Type II hand held device. It is the first semiconductor Alcohol Breathalyzer with Australian Standard tested and certified. Andatech AL6000 Pro is accurate enough for police law enforcement use as well as cost effective for personal use. ANDATECH AL-6000 Pro Digital Breathalyser (Alcohol Tester Detector) is the world first and only breathalyser that can be operated in dual-mode; it can be operated in a normal mode to measure specific blood alcohol concentration, or it can be used as an alcohol responder (share between multiple people) to test the presence of alcohol. AL-6000 Pro calibrating with high accuracy with ranges of 0.00 to 0.40%BAC.

  • TTC bus driver suspended after Alcohol Breathalyzer test (
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