Personal Breathalyzer Keychain with Flashlight

Personal Breathalyzer Keychain with Flashlight

Your local police are not the only group of people allowed to own a breath Alcohol tester. Consumers too, can purchase their own personal breathalyzers. And if you want a portable one with other functions, you can get your personal breathalyzer keychain with flashlight for no more than $10.

The hand-held versions that your local law enforcers use are many times more expensive because they use a different and more advanced technology. Breathalyzers purchased and used by consumers are generally semiconductor-based in terms of their sensory capabilities. This gives them lesser accuracy, and of course, is cheaper than the ones used by the police.

Breathalyzers for consumers are screened and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, not the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that approves the breath alcohol analyzers used for law enforcement. The FDA checks for safety of the product and it must at least be proven effective by comparing to one or more legally marketed products. A Personal Breathalyzer Keychain with Flashlight is a handy gadget to have, if you plan to jump in the car after few drinks make sure you check your “BAC” before driving!

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