Personal Alcohol Tester

Investing in a personal Alcohol tester is a smart way to get any sort of an estimate on your legal driving ability. Most models are around the size of a small mobile phone, which is small enough for any pocket or handbag.

So next time when you’re wondering how many glasses have I had? What is a standard drink size these days? Having your own personal breathalyzer that you can pull out, do a quick test will help you figure out whether you should give behind the wheel when you’re out partying with the mates.

iBreath Personal Alcohol tester for iPod & iPhone iBreath breathalyzer is the innovative personal alcohol breathalyzer and FM transmitter that sends your iPod tunes wirelessly to any FM radio. This is the only Personal Alcohol Breathalyzer tester available for your iPod and iPhone. ibreath dui breathalyzer alcohol tester personal breathalyser dwi bac bac% alcohawk alcomate breath detection device office party analyze breathiliser drunk driving test breathalizer

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There is one personal breathalyzer on the market today that actually operates in dual-mode, allowing it to be shared between multiple people to test for the presence of alcohol. This is particularly beneficial when drinking with a group …

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