Keychain Breathalyzers

Personal Keychain Breathalyzers for Your Car Keys

Keychain breathalyzers are very useful products for personal use. They are very handy and most are just slightly bigger than your car keys. Although these consumer type breath alcohol testers are less accurate than the ones used by law enforcers, they are still relatively good as a basis for your breath alcohol content (BAC).
These products mostly use a semiconductor-based sensing technology but a few are already adopting the electrochemical fuel cell system used by law enforcers. The common breath Alcohol testers used by consumers are generally cheaper and less accurate. Most of the keychain breath alcohol analyzers don’t even go above $10. However, those that use the fuel cell are a lot more expensive and accurate.
Some keychain breathalyzers are disposable and should be thrown away after each use. Those that are not disposable, on the other hand, should undergo regular recalibration to provide better results than they would give if not properly maintained.

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