I need a Personal Breathalyzer to test for alcohol content

Do you know which would be the best personal breathalyzer that would be good to buy?

Personal Breathalyzer Lets You Test Yourself

The BreathKey personal breathalyzer provides a very accurate measurement of your blood alcohol level. There’s no more excuses for driving when you’ve had too much to drink.

Personal Breathalyser Breathalyzer Andatech Mini AL2500

AlcoSense Mini (Black Series) AL2500 , breathalyser is a very simple to use, hand held type breath tester. It is a fast breathalyser, used without the need for mouthpieces, offering accuracy at a competitive price. This breathalyser, featuring a micro computer controlled automatic test sequence with a 3 digit LCD display and audio cues.

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One Response to “I need a Personal Breathalyzer to test for alcohol content”

  1. Michael says on :

    Here’s a link that not only sells various devices for different uses, but has a neat comparison chart as well.


    I’ve always liked the AlcoHawk Elite.

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