How to pass a Alcohol Breath Test while Intoxicated?

is there a way to pass a breath alcohol test while intoxicated i know bread doesnt work and listerine doesnt what works? besides time

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4 Responses to “How to pass a Alcohol Breath Test while Intoxicated?”

  1. zoh says on :

    yes we went to dubai and in certain areas you are not allowed to drink but if u do get drunk then eat a guava. that will pass the breath test but you have to look sober yourself lolz. its tried and tested

  2. Ziggy S says on :

    Mouth wash contains alcohol it makes it even harder to pass. Ummm really nothing that i know of maybe pound a gallon of water and eat a box of crackers and keep the crack in your mouth to soak up that very delightful smell! Whether it works or not idk but there really isnt much you can do while fully intoxicated

  3. Rocket Chips says on :

    you can’t beat the test.

  4. bubba says on :

    My brother-in-law is a cop and I have asked him and he says nothing works.

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