How to Choose the Best Breathalyzer for You

Choosing a digital alcohol breathalyzer for your own personal use can be confusing. Alcohol testers come in a variety of models, styles, sizes and anyone who’s interested in purchasing one of these personal alcohol detectors, should do some research to find the best breathalyzer for their requirements. As with any other product the breathalyzer come in many different forms, with varying levels of accuracy, and vast price range too.

Below are a few steps that can help you find the information you need to decide on the best breathalyzer for your particular purpose.

Work out how accurate you want the unit to be.

Many of the small breathalyzers such as the keychain or keyring are marketed merely as novelty items. There are a few great key chain breathalyzers with LCD displays that are even FDA approved, to accurately determine your the BAC ( blood alcohol concentration).

Find out the how long or the life of the digital alcohol breath tester is.

Portable breathalyzers of all different sizes can lose their accuracy as they are used over time. Most bigger personal breathalyzers may need the sensor(s) replaced and require re-calibrated by the manufacturer.

Stick with a digital alcohol tester with a LCD readout display.

A lot of the baby breathalyzers only use LED lights colored green, yellow, and red to indicate an approximate level of BAC. At least with a digital display you will have some idea of your alcohol content.

Check out what other features you think you need on the alcohol detector.

When choosing the best breathalyzer for your requirements, have a look at the different features. You may find that there are extra bells and whistles on a unit compared with another, but the price is 2 to 3 time more.

One thing to keep in mind that even though the personal alcohol analyzer may give you an accurate reading if the unit is faulty or low on battery power the reading might be way out. It will not be viewed as an excuse if you are pulled up and tested with a professional law enforcement breath tester.

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