How do I pass a alcohol urine detection test?

I have a friend who is now on probabtion, part of his probation stipulations is no alcohol consumption, accompaning random alcohol testing. Is there anyway to rid your system of alcohol so that it is undetectable by a breathalizer or urine test? I know that this is a dumb question, I had to ask however.

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16 Responses to “How do I pass a alcohol urine detection test?”

  1. bgee2001ca says on :

    You don’t drink, those are the rules.

  2. pan_clock says on :

    yes its easy don’t drink alcohol. hmmm… they won’t detect anything anyway a breathlizer can be beat by sucking on a penny 86 or older they are made of real copper then and it will mess up a breathlizer reading but the urine test just make sure you don’t drink within 24 hrs of that test and if you do consume a lot of water to clean out your system thats the best i can say. or buy the drug that cleans out your system. good luck

  3. *Marie* says on :

    The only think that can rid your system of alcohol is time. You cannot pass a urine/breathalizer.

  4. tdnh2208 says on :

    aside from the easy answers some of the morons have placed below, i provide to you other options.

    of course, you could simply not drink alcohol, but my believe is that it was meant to be drunk, so f* what ya heard, chug that jug.

    but remember, moderation is key. alcohol is easily flushed from the body. the less you drink, the easier it is to take out of your system. if you have three beers in a night and piss it out within the following hours, then you have no problem. if you are continually drinking and take the alcohol test with even a slight buzz, yer totally f*ed homie


  5. Marilolli says on :

    if he’s on probabiton and he’s not supposed to drink alcohol then he probably shouldn’t. If he doesn’t drink alcohol… he’ll pass.
    Don’t risk him going back to jail even if someone says “suchandsuch method works.” Is one night of fun really worth it?

  6. *RE* f says on :

    tell him not to frink. its not worth the pain it brings. most drunk drivers who get in accidents survive but the innocent victims uaually always dies, Gods way of saying look what you have done now what can you do to change the world

  7. baby20girl06 says on :

    there is this drink that they have at the vitamin store, it supposedly screens your pee – its for about 20bucks my freind used to drink it whenver she had something like that coming up – its really thick and you gotta chug it cuz its gross. you gotta ask the pple what its called cuz i can recall it ♥

  8. lithiumdeuteride says on :

    Easily – don’t drink alcohol.

  9. SMEAGOL says on :

    Just don’t drink

  10. crankyissues says on :


    Tell him to drink as much water as he can stand….. but it will probably still show up positive…..


  11. Tom K says on :

    Time will do it.
    Vigorous exercise will shorten that time.

  12. Hoosier Daddy says on :

    Best way, the only way that works, is TO STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL.

  13. freakyfrog23 says on :


  14. i_know_nothing says on :

    You already saw the answers, now start playing by their rules. Stop trying to bend them, and stop trying to trick them.

    Don’t drink alcohol. It’s as simple as that.

  15. I LOVE JOHN CENA says on :

    Don’t drink alcohol! DUH!

  16. VT says on :

    Don’t drink alcohol.

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