Five Reasons You Need an Experienced Pittsburgh Criminal Attorney Handling Your DUI Charge

imageExample: You get pulled over for drunk driving after happy hour. The police take you to the station and give you a breathalyzer. You call a family member, husband or wife to pick you up from the police station. Anxious and afraid, you go home and wait for the summons in the mail that tells you where and when your preliminary hearing is. While you’re waiting at home, you need to find the best Pittsburgh criminal attorney who will defend you at your preliminary hearing and question the police to make sure there is enough evidence for a case against you. Here are the reasons you want an experienced Pittsburgh criminal attorney defending you against a DUI charge:1. You need an advocate. The police have an unfair advantage – they know the law. A Pittsburgh criminal attorney should have a thorough understanding of Pennsylvania law and the types of plea agreements that might be possible with the District Attorney’s office. It’s important to make sure you understand every aspect of your case. Only if you have an attorney who explains the law and how it can impact your particular case, can you make the best decision. An experienced criminal lawyer will review your case and determine if these or other options are best for you. He or she should have experience successfully arranging for: alternative housing instead of the Allegheny County Jail for DUI clients and a ‘Bread and Butter License’, also called an Occupational Limited License, so they can continue to drive for work, medical treatment or study.2. You deserve to know what your legal representation will cost. There should be no surprises when you have a Pittsburgh criminal attorney represent you. Look for an attorney who provides clients with a flat fee – in advance – so you don’t have to worry about financial surprises along the way. 3. You have too much to lose. A DUI conviction can be expensive. Your car insurance will increase. You are responsible to pay the court costs for a DUI conviction and you could possibly lose income if you are unable to drive. 4. You need an attorney who’s available. When someone is charged with a DUI, he or she needs help right then, not when an attorney’s office opens in the morning. If you or your loved one has been charged with a DUI, look for a criminal law firm that answers the telephone 24/7. 5. You deserve a free consultation. A DUI arrest in or around Pittsburgh, PA should not be taken lightly. This can be a confusing time, yet it’s essential that you find an attorney you can trust. Look for a Pittsburgh DUI lawyer who offers a free first visit so you can explain your circumstances and decide if he or she’s the attorney you choose to represent you at your preliminary hearing.
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