DUI Breathalyzer Refusal

When You Refuse a Breathalyzer for DUI

DUI Breathalyzer refusal is never a good idea, especially if every aspect of you is shouting “I’m drunk!” If you are stopped for a field sobriety test, then take a moment to oblige the officer. There’s no way around it, especially if you really are drunk and have been arrested for the same crime before.

Most states have specific laws and penalties for people who refuse to co-operate law enforcers and undergo tests using a breathalyzer or a blood extraction. In most cases, the penalties for refusing a simple breathalyzer or blood test are separate from the conviction of the DUI offense.

If you’re smart, you should pull over if you hear a siren and blow on the breath Alcohol analyzer that the officer is requiring you to. If you get arrested for DUI after getting a reading above 0.08, then that’s better than having to face additional penalties by refusing the breathalyzer.

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