DUI Breathalyzer in Car

A DUI Breathalyzer in car only means that the owner is a chronic drinker and has been convicted. Breathalyzers installed in cars act as ignition interlocks. They prevent the car from starting up if the driver is drunk. The car also stops for random rolling tests so asking another person to blow on the tube before you leave is not a good idea unless you want to get stranded. Some analyzers sound the alarm if you fail the test while driving your car. In short, there are no proven ways to fool a breathalyzer, only myths.

Breathalyzers can also be installed in a car for personal use. Say for example, a mother trying to prevent a child from driving while under the influence. Although majority of the people who have these things are actually convicted.

A group of car companies has been collaborating in researching ways to incorporate alcohol analyzers in their cars. Some even say that by 2012, all cars manufactured will have a built-in Alcohol tester that takes samples through direct skin contact.

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