Driving Under The Influence (Dui)

imageDriving under the influence of alcohol or sometimes called drunk driving, drinking and driving, driving while intoxicated or impaired driving is the action in which some person is operating a vehicle after consuming alcohol or another drug.In most of the countries there is heavy fine who is condemned of any injuring somebody while under the influence of drug or alcohol. It is a severe health risk. Studies show that in United States alcohol is playing role round about 39% of vehicle related deaths. Depending on the jurisdiction of specific country the particular criminal offense might be called while driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.In past guilt was found by observing driving symptoms like walking a straight line, weaving or standing on one leg so the officer can judge the situation and act accordingly. Gradually this law established over the years and there is limit of alcohol while driving and this can be tested by chemical tests of concentration of alcohol in blood or breath. In modern time there is a more scientific way of testing for blood alcohol content (BAC). It is one easy measurement as a simple percentage of alcohol in the blood by weight. Nearly in all states of America it is illegal to have BAC over 0.08% while driving.A breathalyzer is used to test the BAC. Breathalyzer didn’t directly estimate blood alcohol or drug concentration or content however it measures BAC indirectly by estimating the amount of alcohol in someone’s breath. Breathalyzers are very sensitive to temperature so if the temperature around is not suitable it will give wrong reading. The readings are found false in other conditions also like after running up one flight of stairs or after hearty exercise. This kind of test can vary about 15% from the blood alcohol content. The majority of common cause of wrongly reading is the existence of mouth alcohol. Breathalyzer assumes that the air it is analyzing is coming from lungs but alcohol can come from throat or stomach in many cases.Penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol or drug while driving have increased over the years. There are laws for minimum legal drinking age, laws accepting decreased blood alcohol concentration and BAC laws a to prevent the alcohol related vehicle injuries or death. A person’s blood alcohol or drug concentration is not the only way that might conclude a person’s sobriety. BAC above the specific point is automatically is a law braking of driving under the influence but reading lower than specific point plus also showing signs of destruction might be charged with a DUI. Because there are way that a person can give himself the illusion that he is sober like drinking coffee which increases the awareness which he thinks that he is more sober but in real he is still weakened for the driving, as his reacting time or his coordination.  Eating some salty products like chips may help the person to settle his stomach to feel he is more sober but in reality he is still influenced by the alcohol.
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