DrinkTracker Alcohol Breathalyzer Simulator iPhone App

DrinkTracker is a personal Alcohol Breathalyzer simulator and BAC calculator app for iPhone and iPod Touch available in the iTunes app store now. Visit www.slappme.com for more information, or download from iTunes here – http

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4 Responses to “DrinkTracker Alcohol Breathalyzer Simulator iPhone App”

  1. neogeon says on :

    that is way too complicated for a drunk person to figure out. By the time someone was drunk enough for this to be of benefit they would’ve long ago lost the phone.

  2. nicholasczapiewski says on :

    there’s no way im gonna input every drink when im drinking, i’ll be too drunk!!

  3. TheAppmad says on :

    Bloody excellent…went and got one myself! Cheers

  4. ThirstySwagman says on :


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