Digital Breathalyzers

Digital breathalyzers are a useful alcohol detecting device that can be used in homes, at schools and in workplaces all over the country. When looking to invest in a digital alcohol breathalyzer, there are a few certain characteristics that can separate the good quality models from some of the cheaper one’s on the market.

A few things that never seem to indicator whether or not is the size or price of a particular breathalyzer. Since many of the lower priced mini breathalyzers can provide very accurate, reliable results as long as they have a digital display. The more digits that are shown on the screen, the more specific your BAC result will be, so go for a device that features a 4 digit display. A digital alcohol tester with more digits on the display is a great tool in a zero tolerance environment where the detection of even trace amounts of alcohol is very important.

Worldwide Distribution of Digital Breathalyzers

We are a full-service breathalyzer company, providing: – Calibration – Repair – Distribution – Retail service We distribute the following quality digital breathalyzers: – AL6000 – AL7000 – AL9000

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AccuBAC Digital Breathalyzer Alcohol Tester | Hawaii DUI Legal

Most Accurate Semiconductor-oxide Breathalyzer on the marketAutomatic flow detection to monitor the continuous breath samplingAutomatic Calibration Technology.

Publish Date: 07/07/2010 4:00

Digital Breathalyzer Key Characteristics

Any digital breathalyzer has the potential for experiencing problems in accuracy due to changes in ambient temperature, surrounding air temperature, and temperature of the person giving a breath sample. This is partly the reason a …

Publish Date: 07/15/2010 7:19

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