Digital Alcohol Tester FAQ

How does a digital alcohol tester or breathalyzer work?

A breathalyzer works as a signal indicator which can inform you if it is safe enough for you to drive depending on the result of the gadget’s interpretation. When you blow into the breathalyzer, a sensor will be triggered and your breath will be examined to determine the Blood Alcohol Content or BAC, and after a few seconds, the results will be shown either through an LCD display or LED indicator.

Do I need an Alcohol Detector?

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Yes. Unless you enjoy drinking late at night, driving around with impaired driving skills, and be arrested from DUI, you need a digital alcohol tester. This nifty tool not only saves you from the dangers of hitting the road when you have had too much alcohol but can also help you monitor your body’s blood alcohol content for those times when you think you’re sober enough to drive but your alcohol content says otherwise.

What does a breathalyzer measure?

A breathalyzer measures the blood alcohol content (BAC) in a person’s body. It uses the gas chromatography method to determine a person’s BAC through his breath.

How do I use my digital breathalyzer?

Using the digital breathalyzer is as easy as blowing into the mouthpiece of the device for a few times and then waiting until you get a reading of your BAC.

How accurate is a digital alcohol breath tester?

The accuracy of a digital alcohol breath tester depends on the sensor used in the device and its form. The professional line of breathalyzers is proven to be more accurate than the personal and portable ones, although both device types produce results accurate enough to be used as evidence and basis for DUI cases.

Are there different types of portable breathalyzers?

Portable breathalyzers can come in a wide variety of styles and the two most common are the hand-held and the keychain designs.

Is there any way to trick an alcohol analyzer?

There are currently no ways for you to trick the breathalyzer as it can actually sniff out the alcohol contents of your body when you breathe. There have been myths that keeping a penny under your tongue before blowing, taking breath mints or eating certain foods would trick an alcohol analyzer to giving you lower BAC results but these myths have been busted, thanks to the new breathalyzers that are out in the market today.

Who invented the alcohol breath tester?

The alcohol breath tester, also known as breathalyzer was invented by Dr. Robert Borkenstein who works for the Indiana State Police.

What is the difference between the Professional and Personal Breathalyzer?

A professional breathalyzer is usually more expensive than a personal breathalyzer and it requires regular maintenance, re-calibration, and is usually operated by authorized personnel only. A personal breathalyzer, on the other hand, is more portable and provides results that are accurate. Although it is less accurate than professional breathalyzers, it is still useful especially if you intend it for personal use only.

What should you consider when choosing a breath alcohol tester?

Aside from the price, you should consider the type of sensor you buy. Choosing between a fuel cell and semi-conductor sensor is the most crucial part as this determines the device’s accuracy. If you plan to buy one for your personal use, then a hand-held one may be suitable enough. However, if you are planning to use it to test other people’s blood alcohol content as well, you can go for something which has a disposable mouthpiece. You can also choose whether you would like to see a numeric reading of the BAC or you may prefer getting light indicators that tells you whether it is safe for you to drive or not.

Do alcohol detectors need to be calibrated?

A brand new digital alcohol tester will be pre-calibrated at the factory to make sure they give out accurate readings. After some time of usage, the sensor may accumulate some residues which may cause it to produce inaccurate results. Some digital alcohol tester requires re-calibration every 6 to 12 months which can be done by the manufacturer. There are newer models that do not require such periodic calibration by having changeable modules for the sensor that allows the device to be reset to its original factory settings.

Does a Digital Alcohol Tester require batteries?

Depending on the style and size of the digital alcohol tester, it may require AA batteries, a 9V battery, or a DC cord.

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