Digital Alcohol Detector

Having your own personal digital alcohol detector is the perfect companion for accountable drivers who want to enjoy a drink or three. You don’t need to guess whether you are fine to drive after drinking, you simply exhale on your breathalyzer to indicate your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) before you drive.

What should check before using the unit?

Avoid blowing smoke or fluids into the mouth piece, as this may damage the sensor unit. Also certain gases such as silicone compounds, sulphur, and Freon gases can also damage your sensor too. Keep the unit dry and away from all liquids and store in a safe environment.

If you’re the unit needs to be cleaned, use a soft dry cloth, wipe gently and do not use any form of detergent or cleaning agent.

Most importantly, allow at least 30 minutes after your last drink or smoking before testing yourself. This helps to ensure the breath sample is taken from your lungs, and not from the alcohol within your mouth, which may result in a higher reading. In some instants, it could take up to two hours to reach the maximum blood alcohol level after your last alcoholic drink.


Who is gonna get the drunkest?

Digital alcohol detector machines

electron capture detector with GCMS and types of accelerators? So we are using a GCMS with electron capture detector. Some solutions we have run lighter fluid, isopropyl alcohol and paint thinner. We get no good results. …

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