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3 Reasons Why the BACtrack B70 Digital Is the Consumer Best Breathalyzer

1. According to the Abilene-Reporter News portal, the BACtrack B70 Digital Breathalyzer is powered by a standardized “Blue-Fire” alcohol sensory advancement from KHN Solutions. The KHN is the breathalyzer’s legal distributor. Based on an article posted from the defunct “Tahoe World” website, The BACtrack B70 has light flashing features which signal the blowing procedure. The breathalyzer determines the level of BAC in seconds.

2. The BACtrack B70 Digital Breathalyzer can incorporate a variety of wide features which will maximize the accuracy from every single BAC testing. Each test regulates the use of lung air sample to ensure the accuracy of BAC content released. The breathalyzer has an “Inverse LCD” display feature that notifies the clarity of the previous BAC tests.

3. According to the BACtrack website, the B70 digital alcohol tester comes in an attractive design and “Easy To Use” advantages. The BACtrack B70’s “Power” option is designed for professional use.

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