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Portable breathalyzer suppliers

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Which Portable breathalyzer suppliers Should You Buy From

A review into which Portable breathalyzer suppliers are good for you to invest in.

Owning a Portable breathalyzer is not just useful for police monitoring folks that mistreatment DUI regulations. Additionally it is an excellent aid for professors and college personnel to recognize who among the students go to high-school intoxicated and for any business establishments to cut down the number of vicious visitors and passers-by who tend to do violent things when under the influence. Above all, it’s also a safety measure for those who desire to control their intake of booze and get away from expensive violation costs of DUI.

Portable breathalyzer suppliers continue to improve their products to create it more beneficial for people using it. You will find here the most known Portable breathalyzer suppliers and the features of their offered testers:

Portable breathalyzer suppliers picture

Go Yours truly testing an alco-lock in a prototype car at the “Vision Zero” project in Lillehammer, Norway. No alcohol in my breath. Now the ignition is enabeled and the message «Have a nice journey» is displayed. If all cars had these installed, it would drastically reduce the number of people killed or injured in accidents caused or worsened by the driver being under influence of alcohol.

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The BACtrack® Select S50 Portable breathalyzer

This drink and drug tester combines tested detector technology with simple styles and features. The tester works estimating the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) by means of blowing into a disposable mouthpiece. It also features a trendy ruby-red LED. The result will flicker in only seconds, making it very handy and ideal to use. BACtrack® provides 1 year guarantee on their products.

HuaMin Group (Shanghai Shininess Industrial Corp)

HuaMin Group is one of the leading Portable breathalyzer suppliers from China and additionally they offer a number of products. from HuaMin uses a semi-conductor detector which warms up in 10 seconds. It is known for fast and exact results that could be restored, automatic off-switch, low-battery alerts, and three-step testing level with sounds.

AlcoHawk- Professional Edition Portable breathalyzer

AlcoHawk is well known for providing reliable Portable breathalyzer and their items are widely used by police officers, medical centers, health clinics, and schools all throughout the US. The price is somewhat more than other brands but the features and dependability of the merchandise makes it very economical and cost-effective. It gives extremely fast results for Blood alcohol concentration.

BreathKey Keyring

BreathKey alcohol testers are well-known for being the tiniest and lightest Portable breathalyzers in the world. It’s totally convenient to bring anywhere and is extremely exact as well. It makes use of a especially long-lasting battery that can last for years; and BreathKey is proud to present its product as the only tester in the market that makes use of fuel cell detector that is preferred by law enforcement officers.

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BACtrack S75 Pro Portable Breathalyzer

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The new 2010 BACtrack S75 Pro Portable Breathalyzer is a stunning combination of accuracy, affordability, and style. The S75 Pro has been designed to reduce unnecessary size and weight, while maintaining all the accuracy benefits of a full-sized fuel-cell-based breathalyzer. And because it has obtained FDA 510(k) clearance, this professional technology is now directly available for both consumer and professional use.

A unique feature of the BACtrack S75 Pro is its miniature air pump, which is used to more accurately collect a breath sample. Sensor’s Technology Allows for Professional Accuracy.

The BACtrack S75 Pro employs highly accurate Xtend fuel cell sensor technology, which allows it to be used for professional, medical testing applications, and law enforcement applications. Xtend alcohol fuel cell technology offers the following benefits.

It provides more accurate and more consistent results as compared with semi-conductor breathalyzers. For example, with the S75 Pro, you are more likely to show the same test result when you test someone repeatedly in a very short period of time. It will not show a false positive for someone who is diabetic or on a low calorie diet. Other semiconductor breathalyzers will sometimes show a false positive result for these individuals.

It can remain accurate for up to thousands of tests.

It is more accurate at higher BAC concentrations. For example, if someone is very intoxicated, say 0.22 %BAC, the S75 Pro is more likely to provide an accurate test result as compared to semiconductor models, which often lose accuracy at higher BAC values.

The S75 Pro’s Xtend sensor technology enables this device to provide trusted results every time.

Compact Tester Fits into the Palm of Your Hand

The S75 Pro has been designed for maximum comfort and ease of use during testing. The sleek, rounded edges on the back side allow the breathalyzer to easily fit into the palm of your hand. This eliminates the potential for accidental drops, and also makes it easier to press the start and mode buttons during testing. A soft carrying pouch allows you to carry this device securely.

Front-facing Mouthpiece Makes Self-Testing Easy

The S75 Pro’s front-facing mouthpiece has numerous advantages. First, the front-facing mouthpiece makes self-testing easy and convenient. There’s no reason to rotate, twist, or turn the product after the initial countdown. With a front-facing mouthpiece, users can watch the screen and simply move the product forward towards their mouth when the countdown reaches zero. This helps eliminate flow errors – where users do not blow quickly enough after the countdown. After completing a breath sample, users can clearly see the results displayed on the screen facing them. Replaceable mouthpieces easily attach to the breath intake port. Mouthpieces can be reused or replaced after each test.

Xtend Technology Provides Accurate Results Every Time

The S75 Pro’s Xtend sensor technology enables this device to provide trusted results every time. The BACtrack S75 has been tested by the DOT/NHTSA and meets their requirements for a breath alcohol screening device. The S75 Pro is also FDA 510(k) cleared for personal use.

This device uses a miniature air pump to more accurately collect a breath sample. During use, you can actually feel the “click” of the pump collecting the breath sample. The BACtrack S75 Pro will not show a false positive for someone who is diabetic or on a low calorie diet. It provides accurate and more consistent results for up to thousands of tests.

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Breathalyzer ACE AL2500

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The breathalyzer ACE AL2500 is a portable, simple breathalyzer, classified as »Partygag/Gadget«. No mouth pieces are needed. Thanks to the build-in flow-control, he is yet useful. Der Alkoholtester ACE AL2500 ist ein tragbarer, einfacher Alkoholtester der Klasse »Partygag/Gadget«. Er kommt ohne Mündstücke aus. Durch die eingebaute Messung der Atemluftströmung ist er dennoch ein ernstzunehmender Alkoholtester.

Protocol Breathalyzer

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The protocol breathalyzer gadget measures the quantity of alcohol on your breath, that is done through its oxidized semiconductor which checks blood alcohol content (BAC) in moments.

All that you need to do is blow on the sensor for around 3 seconds. This small breathalyzer utilizes a micro-electro mechanical systems, sensors and shows an approximate range of the person’s alcohol level.

Some features of the protocol breathalyzer:

LED flashlight finds keyholes in dark parking lots, streets as well as garages
Aids in detection of alcohol intoxication
Oxidized semiconductor measures blood alcohol content (BAC) within seconds
Accurate for a minimum of 400 tests or 1 year from the initial use
Convenient timer, counting up or down, better for you to check time on parking meters and garages
Compact alcohol tester is lightweight and sports a keychain for easy transport
Runs on 2 AAA batteries (not incorporated)
FDA approved
Calculates the quantity of alcohol on your breath

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