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Personal Breathalyzer Keychain with Flashlight

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Personal Breathalyzer Keychain with Flashlight

Your local police are not the only group of people allowed to own a breath Alcohol tester. Consumers too, can purchase their own personal breathalyzers. And if you want a portable one with other functions, you can get your personal breathalyzer keychain with flashlight for no more than $10.

The hand-held versions that your local law enforcers use are many times more expensive because they use a different and more advanced technology. Breathalyzers purchased and used by consumers are generally semiconductor-based in terms of their sensory capabilities. This gives them lesser accuracy, and of course, is cheaper than the ones used by the police.

Breathalyzers for consumers are screened and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, not the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that approves the breath alcohol analyzers used for law enforcement. The FDA checks for safety of the product and it must at least be proven effective by comparing to one or more legally marketed products. A Personal Breathalyzer Keychain with Flashlight is a handy gadget to have, if you plan to jump in the car after few drinks make sure you check your “BAC” before driving!

Personal Breathalyzer Keychain

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Benefits of a Personal Breathalyzer Keychain

Having a personal breathalyzer keychain may benefit you and help prevent you being stopped for DUI. This little version of its law enforcing relatives is useful for estimating your blood alcohol content but is not as accurate. You may want to blow on your personal breath Alcohol analyzer several times separated by at least two minutes and get the average of your readings. Do not be surprised if each reading yields a different result.

The reason why these personal breath Alcohol testers are less accurate and less expensive than the ones used by law enforcement is that they use a different kind of technology. Law enforcers use electrochemical fuel cell technology, infrared spectrophotometer technology, or a combination of both. As for the ones sold to consumers, a majority of the models make use of semiconductor-based technology. Just by the sound of it you can already tell it’s cheaper than infrared or fuel cell, right?

Personal Breathalyzer Keychain is great device to have however, there are also models sold to consumers that use fuel cell technology but are expectedly pricier.

Keychain Breathalyzers

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Personal Keychain Breathalyzers for Your Car Keys

Keychain breathalyzers are very useful products for personal use. They are very handy and most are just slightly bigger than your car keys. Although these consumer type breath alcohol testers are less accurate than the ones used by law enforcers, they are still relatively good as a basis for your breath alcohol content (BAC).
These products mostly use a semiconductor-based sensing technology but a few are already adopting the electrochemical fuel cell system used by law enforcers. The common breath Alcohol testers used by consumers are generally cheaper and less accurate. Most of the keychain breath alcohol analyzers don’t even go above $10. However, those that use the fuel cell are a lot more expensive and accurate.
Some keychain breathalyzers are disposable and should be thrown away after each use. Those that are not disposable, on the other hand, should undergo regular recalibration to provide better results than they would give if not properly maintained.

Keychain breathalyzer suppliers and Breathalyzers

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Which Keychain breathalyzer suppliers Should You Buy From

Insights into which Keychain breathalyzer suppliers are good for you to invest in.

Owning a Keychain breathalyzer is not just beneficial for cops monitoring folks that neglect DUI laws. Additionally it is a terrific help for professors and college personnel to know who amongst the students go to school intoxicated and for any business establishments to cut down the number of vicious visitors and passers-by who tend to do violent things when under the influence. Especially, it is also a safety measure for those who desire to manage their consumption of alcohol and avoid expensive violation costs of DUI.

Keychain breathalyzer suppliers usually will upgrade their products to make it more beneficial for people using it. Here are the top Keychain breathalyzer suppliers and Breathalyzers with the top features of their offered testers:

The BreathKey Keyring

BreathKey alcohol testers are well-known for being the tiniest and lightest Keychain breathalyzers in the world. It’s extremely convenient to bring anywhere and is very precise as well. It makes use of a very durable battery that can stay for years; and BreathKey is proud to present its unit as the only tester available in the market that uses fuel cell sensor that’s favored by law enforcement officers.

Keychain breathalyzer image

P1040816 A couple drinks later. piknic’ed Author:Longster47

The BACtrack® Select S50 Keychain breathalyzer

This alcohol drug tester combines proven detector technology with straightforward designs and features. The tester works by calculating the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) by means of puffing into a replaceable mouthpiece. It also features a stylish ruby-red LED. The result will flicker in mere seconds, which makes it exceptionally convenient and perfect to use. BACtrack® offers 1 year warranty on their items.

Polished White BACTRACK® B70 Digital Breathalyzer Digital Breathalyzer for testing your blood alcohol content or BAC. Author:

HuaMin Group (Shanghai Shininess Industrial Corp)

HuaMin Group is one of the foremost Keychain breathalyzer suppliers from China and additionally offer a number of products. from HuaMin utilizes a semi-conductor detector that heats up in 10 seconds. It is well known for quick and exact results that can be restored, automatic turn off, low-battery alerts, and three-step testing level with sounds.

AlcoHawk- Professional Edition Keychain breathalyzer

The AlcoHawk is known for supplying dependable Keychain breathalyzer and their items are used by police officers, hospitals, clinics, and educational institutions all throughout the US. The price is rather higher than other brands however the features and reliability of the merchandise makes it very affordable and price-effective. It provides exceptionally quick results for Blood alcohol content.

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Keychain Breathalyzer Test

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Does Keychain Breathalyzer test provides lesser Accuracy

Keychain breathalyzers are available for consumers’ use. These are commonly used to estimate the blood alcohol content (BAC) of a person. However, a Keychain Breathalyzer test provides lesser accuracy than those used by police officers for field sobriety tests.

A number of keychain breathalyzers have limited maximum range for the measurement of alcohol in the breath. Some products have a threshold of 0.05 only, whereas the level for a blood alcohol content to qualify for a DUI offense should be 0.08 and above. Other keychain breathalyzers are also disposable. This means that each time you need to blow, you must make sure to discard the breathalyzer and never use it again.

Breathalyzer Test Image


While most keychain breathalyzers make use of semiconductor-based sensing technologies, a few are already adopting the police technology by using a fuel cell sensing system to yield better and more accurate results. As an effect, breath alcohol analyzers like them are more expensive than the regular ones.

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