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Digital Alcohol Tester with LCD Clock

Posted on July 14th, 2010 by Dario  |  5 Comments »

When looking for a digital alcohol tester with LCD clock built into to it, you will find this Alcohol tester is quick a low cost unit. Having a LCD clock on your breathalyzer is more of a sales gimmick then a bonus.

Although there are a couple of these types on units on the market that are not too bad as far as their accuracy go. This type of digital alcohol tester is portable and compact in design; you can have one in your car or purse for your driving safety.

digital alcohol tester with LCD clock

Click here to find great deals online for this type of alcohol breath tester with the LCD clock!

Digital Alcohol Tester Breath Analyzer

Posted on July 12th, 2010 by Dario  |  No Comments »

It’s better to be safe than sorry if you have your own Digital Alcohol Tester Breath Analyzer. After you have had a few drinks it’s easy to bring out portable breathalyzer from car or in your purse and check your BAC.

Owning a high quality digital alcohol detector could make the difference if you are thinking of driving after a night on the town. It will give you a very quick and usually accurate result and response.

digital alcohol tester breath analyzer

Alcohol tester by Simple Solution

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Digital Alcohol Breath Tester Analyzer Breathalyzer from

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Publish Date: 06/26/2010 3:10

Digital Alcohol Testers

Posted on July 10th, 2010 by Dario  |  1 Comment »

Digital alcohol testers are a sure fire requirement for any festive where alcohol is consumed in a public place or at friends. It’s so easy these days to like you’re OK to drive, but there’s always a change you may be over the legal limit. With tough DUI laws is it really worth taking a risk with your life or the life of others?

To invest in a digital alcohol tester is a lot easier today, now that they are available all most anywhere. You can find personal alcohol detectors in auto and big hardware stores and online too!

Digital Alcohol Testers

Wingman Sport Breathalyzer digital alcohol tester

Keep this portable Alcohol tester in your purse or car so you’ll always know how close you are to the legal limit. The tester is very easy to use and will give a quick and accurate reading. It can detect a range of 0.00~0.19% …

Publish Date: 07/06/2010 6:45

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