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Protocol Alcohol Breath Tester

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The protocol alcohol breath tester device calculates the amount of alcohol through your breath, this is done with its oxidized semiconductor which checks blood alcohol content (BAC) in seconds. All you have to do is blow on the sensor for roughly three seconds. This tiny breathalyzer uses a micro-electro mechanical systems, sensors and displays an approximate range of the person’s alcohol level.

Features on the protocol alcohol breath tester:

Aids in detection of alcohol excess
Oxidized semiconductor measures blood alcohol content (BAC) within seconds
Blow against the sensor for no less than 3 seconds and it will convey if your BAC is low (less than .05%), borderline (.05% to .08%), otherwise lawfully intoxicated (greater than 0.08%)
LED light finds keyholes in dark parking lots, streets as well as garages
Convenient timer, counting up or down, great to measure time on parking meters and garages
Compact alcohol tester is lightweight and sports a keyring for convenient transport
Runs on 2 AAA batteries (not incorporated)
Measures the total amount of alcohol on your breath
FDA approved

Skilled Dui Lawyers Can Challenge A Breathalyzer Test

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imageMany drivers who are arrested and charged with DUI mistakenly believe that their breathalyzer results, showing a BAC over the legal limit of 0.08%, are all the evidence needed for a conviction. Although breathalyzer results typically comprise a major piece of evidence against the defendant, they are not immune to challenges during the trial process. Truthfully, breathalyzer results are successfully challenged in court every day by skilled and experienced DUI lawyers.

Breath Alcohol Tester Breathalyzer Manufacturers

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To find breath alcohol tester breathalyzer manufacturers, there is a site called which has a great list of manufacturers of breathalyzers. They also show the different types breath alcohol testers that are available as well.

You may find that most of the makers of alcohol testers are based in China and Hong Kong. There are also sites like, and which list Asian manufacturers alcohol detectors. You can check places in the US, UK and Australia which make some of the more professional units that are available on the market today!

Breath Alcohol Tester Vending Machine

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The breath alcohol tester vending machine is an alcohol level indication system that can be set up in public places. The unit allows anyone to check their BAC, which you pay a small fee and then blow into it with straw.

Most quality machines use similar technology as most police department labs use to test people’s BAC. These breath alcohol testers or usually FDA approved and the device works with coins or bills and is a good investment for the owners of establishments serving alcohol.

Breath test machine video

We offer a coin/bill operated machine which is smaller than a payphone and takes a few seconds to use. After inserting payment, patrons simply blow into a straw and their BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) is displayed. Our machine is approved by the US Foo…


24 BREATH ALCOHOL TESTER (BAT) VENDING MACHINES …BRAND NEW… Ideal for Vending Operators to diversify their machine range & Bar Owners! Can be placed in Bars, Sports bars, Military clubs, Discos, large Nightclubs, College bars, …

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Breath Alcohol Tester with Flashlight

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Conveniently design is the small breath Alcohol tester with flashlight. It is a simple device to analyze blood alcohol concentration at anytime day or night. Which can help you ensure your safety if you enjoy a drink or three to make the right choice whether to risk driving under the influence.

The alcohol breath tester with a flashlight is portable and convenient to carry on a keychain. They are easy to use just press and hold the power button, and the green LED will keep lighting for ready, usually in about 10 seconds, the unit enters into the testing status. Some of these models have an advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor to give you their accuracy.

If you are looking for a inexpensive alcohol detector this might be best for you. To get a more accurate BAC it would be best to invest in a more up market breath tester, which has a digital display. The more numbers on the screen after the decimal point the more exacted the reading.

Breath Alcohol Tester with Flashlight

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