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How much does a digital alcohol breath analyzer cost?

Posted on May 27th, 2010 by Dario  |  5 Comments »

One of my friends is hostel warden and suspect alcoholism in the premises. He wants a handy device with which he can catch the culprits. How much does it cost to buy a digital alcohol breath analyzer?

What does an Alcohol Analyzer cost?

Posted on May 22nd, 2010 by Dario  |  No Comments »

Among my friends one of him is hostel superintendent and suspect alcoholism within the premises. He needs a useful piece of equipment by means of which he is able to catch the culprits. Just how much does it cost to purchase a alcohol analyzer?

Some suggestions

I just found them as little as $75 around the web. Just do a search on Google or Yahoo digital breath analyzer and you can find them. You can check out our page about Breathalyzer Review!

Well I don’t know how much your friend is willing to spend so find out a little information on that. The Alcohol Analyzer Test can recognize |the extent of alcohol within the blood via someone’s breath. Using an alcohol detector will be very accurate and reliable. They are equipped with a Liquid crystal display screen, sound alarm, reset and memory function and much more, which makes it easy to interpret results. Results are usually displayed in either % BAC or g/l.

Breath Alcohol Analyzer! Should You Have One?

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A breath alcohol analyzer is a worthwhile asset if you’re worried about your safety or the safety of any family member, who love to drink alcohol and may drive under the influence. If you like to party and have a few drinks of alcohol, it is defiantly worth having your own breath alcohol analyzer with you. This device will help you make the right choice whether you or your friends should by behind the wheel if intending to drive.

General Information on the AlcoHawk Digital Breath Alcohol Analyzer

The AlcoHAWK Elite is professional grade, Department of Transportation (DOT)/ National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) approved and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared digital breath alcohol screener designed for personal or professional use. With a simple one button function, the AlcoHAWK Elite displays the reading of a person’s B.A.C. in seconds on the new blue lit LCD display. The AlcoHAWK Elite features an innovative temperature display to ensure testing is performed in an optimal temperature range. Why guess when you can test with the AlcoHAWK Elite?

Blood Alcohol Analyzer or Breathalyzer

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The most popular Blood Alcohol Analyzer is more commonly know as the Breathalyzer. The breathalyzer measures the concentration of alcohol in the lungs, which is directly proportional to the concentration of alcohol in the blood.

When you consume alcohol it shows up in the breath, after it is absorbed from stomach and intestines then enters into the bloodstream. Alcohol does not get digested upon absorption and arrives in the bloodstream chemically unchanged.

Ex-cop uses blood alcohol analyzer – breathalyzer vending business to save lives.

A former Colorado cop helps to save lives in his community of Lubbock Texas with coin-operated talking breathalyzers. Having arrested hundreds of drivers for DUI in Colorado, the former state patrolman now stops drunk drivers before they get behind the wheel and makes money at the same time with an all cash business. Installed in bars and other places that serve alcohol, these “Alcohol Alert” machines give bar patrons a way to test themselves for blood alcohol level so they don’t risk a drunk driving arrest or injuring someone.

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This digital alcohol analyzer has a simple and convenient design for analysis of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) anytime and anywhere you go. The dual LCD display will clearly show you the result of the test. To use this breathalyzer, …

Breath Alcohol Analyzer Mistakes Methanol Poisoning for Alcohol …

This is a rarely observed false positive result obtained by a breath alcohol analyzer. The theory behind the false positive is that if a volatile compound has enough vapor pressure to pass from the blood into the breath, …

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