Can I still be charged a DUI without being arrested

Can I still be charged a DUI without being arrested? Is it worth fighting?
Hi, I am 19 years old. Recently I was pulled over for going down a one way out of a dorm parking lot, which is understandable. This happened because I was not familiar with the city and especially at night. Since I was going down a one way the police officer assumed i was very intoxicated and I had been around drinking earlier. He asked me to get out of the vehicle and give me the field sobriety tests, which as far as I know I passed with flying colors (in my eyes).

Afterwords he told me that he was still going to be Breathalyzer because he could smell alcohol, so i agreed and blew into the portable Alcohol Breathalyzer blowing a .04, .02 is the legal limit if you’re under 21. He then ticketed me for going down a one way, and also for a DUI. My car was towed because i didn’t want to contact any of my friends in case they had been drinking as well. The police officer then let me walk away from the scene as he drove off. Now, looking back on it my question is shouldn’t the officer have taken me to the police station for an official Alcohol Breathalyzer or blood test? Should this be something I should be fighting in court?

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2 Responses to “Can I still be charged a DUI without being arrested”

  1. x3_d_e_s says on :

    Part of me says that you know that your guilty and you just need to face the consequences. It is kind of nice that they didn’t arrest you and make you find a friend to come bail you out. If you fight it and get off, the next guy they pull over for DUI I’m sure they will be a real D1ck and not just let them walk away. I think the honorable thing for the greater good would to be not to fight it.

  2. Bob C says on :

    I would fight it, there are many sources of free legal advice, check the
    web for any in your area, do not let the cops get away with anything,

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