Can a Portable Breathalyzer change your life!

Having your own portable breathalyzer could save your life!

How much of a problem is drinking and driving, and you can find a great deal of educational information offered on the topic. Any person who does not already understand how hazardous drinking and driving is really should not be permitted to drive for the reason that it seems they may not paying attention to life. That being said, education is just the foundation of fixing any significant problem. Taking action and implementing what we learn is the trail to a solution.

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Could you be at risk of being in a road accident?

When you’ve got your own portable breathalyzer available with you, you’ll be aware of when it’s safe to get behind the steering wheel and drive home. The officially permitted blood alcohol concentration (BAC) in most states in the USA is .08, and in several others states it’s as little as .05. Somebody who weights around 160 lbs just needs 2 beers inside a 2 hour time frame to possess a BAC of .04, that is just underneath the permissible limit to drive. Although this same individual is 1.4 times more prone to be involved in a auto crash than a one who is totally alcohol free. It’s safer to drive only if you are completely sober, so having a personal alcohol tester will give you an idea where your blood alcohol content is and you can decide if you should drive or not.

Could alcohol get you into a fight?

You may have a friend who in the daytime is gentle like a church mouse, however get several drinks in them and there geared up to have a go at anyone. Out of the blue they seem to have a chip on their shoulder and anybody unlucky enough to be standing close by is some way looking at them in the wrong way. The bulk of the time they finish up getting their teeth kicked in. You could be a friend and use a portable breathalyzer to test their BAC after a few drinks if it appears they might be reaching to use the “Fists of Fury” on anyone.

You may pee’off a close love one.

There is zilch wrong with getting drunk with the your mates every so often, but things begin to go down hill when cheating on your spouse or better half becomes a logical choice. Coming home smelling like a brewery that just got hit by a perfume or cologne attack won’t do anything to aid your relationship, furthermore neither will that opened condom wrapper you’re partner finds inside your pants pocket. Having a personal digital alcohol tester with you, to help you keep away from getting in trouble by your spouse or significant other.

Could you be setting yourself up to get a STD.

You’ve probably heard of the term “beer goggles”, and in most cases the beer goggles are set safely to your common sense. In case you in some way gotten lucky regardless of being a sloppy drunken mess, using some form of protection while consummating the luckiness might not dawn on you. If you utilize a portable breathalyzer, you’ll recognize when it is time to taper back so you will not make a foolish decision that could alter the remainder of your adult life.

Being drunk could make you an easy target!

If you reside in a large metropolitan neighborhood, crime is often a fact of life. Sometimes your could be in the wrong place and in the wrong part of town and you are virtually asking to get robbed or mugged, but being in any part of the city while drunk is like putting a target on your back for a possible mugging. You may not be able to defend yourself, due to your response and coordination goes down the tubes when you’re drunk. Using a personal alcohol breathalyzer will help you stay out of trouble by assisting you with where your alcohol level is, so you can make the right choice to walk home or get a cab.

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