Breathalizer Breathaliser Breathalyzer or Breathalyser

First thing we need to clear up is that the word breathalizer is not a word, Nor is the spelling breathaliser. The right way to spell the word is breathalyzer if you are in the northern hemisphere, usually in the USA or Canada. For the southern hemisphere it is written breathalyser if you live in Australia or New Zealand.

Breathalizer Image

As these devices are becoming more and more common and are now available to us as personal digital alcohol tester, when people are searching the net it is a problem to misspell this word.

Breathalyzer or Breathalyser are available in the form of a LED keychain or keyring breathalyzer, which you can carry with you on your keys.

LED Keychain or Keyring Breathalyzer

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They come in a portable digital alcohol detector, with a mouth piece and digital display.

Portable Digital Alcohol Detector

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Then you can step up to a more professional unit in the form of a home or personal breathalyzer, which is highly accurate and worth the investment and peace of mind for you or your family.

Personal Breathalyzer

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