Breath Alcohol Tester with Flashlight

Conveniently design is the small breath Alcohol tester with flashlight. It is a simple device to analyze blood alcohol concentration at anytime day or night. Which can help you ensure your safety if you enjoy a drink or three to make the right choice whether to risk driving under the influence.

The alcohol breath tester with a flashlight is portable and convenient to carry on a keychain. They are easy to use just press and hold the power button, and the green LED will keep lighting for ready, usually in about 10 seconds, the unit enters into the testing status. Some of these models have an advanced semiconductor oxide alcohol sensor to give you their accuracy.

If you are looking for a inexpensive alcohol detector this might be best for you. To get a more accurate BAC it would be best to invest in a more up market breath tester, which has a digital display. The more numbers on the screen after the decimal point the more exacted the reading.

Breath Alcohol Tester with Flashlight

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